Johns Tree Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Ramada Inn Golden Inv. llp Doug Bishop thomas frank new hope pa. Owe Money

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Doug Bishop criminal scammer working under Tommy Frank for Golden Investment LLP 2158521369 in assoc. with McDonalds Golden arches etc. Tommy Frank I worked to clear their property in the worst snowstorm in decades. They refuse to pay at this time its been 3 months 3 weeks. The Ramada Inn New Hope PA. please don't support them.

Or, the McDonalds restaurants they own.

they have attorneys on retainer. I have to pay 200.00 an hour for one so its not worth it for the 1,150.00 plus interest they owe me so hopefully, with a little luck, they may feel the brunt of what its like to be trash with money.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1150.



Too bad that you feel it is appropriate to post nonsense like this online. I have done business with these guys for twenty years and never had a problem.

And I am in a service type business as well. I do what I am hired to do and they pay me.

Usually within a week or two at most. Maybe you are the problem.

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